MSM London follows our highly successful events in Boston, San Francisco and New York. 

The key question at Monitoring Social Media 09 in London was “How can I listen to my customers?” This year many companies are looking beyond listening and asking “Now that I have all this data, how can I use it?” At this conference we want to tackle both of these questions head on with an excellent line-up of presentations and panels.
The conference will be fully interactive with presentations, case studies, Q & A sessions and panel discussions. There will also be an Exhibition Area including many of the leading social media monitoring and measurement tools and services. The ticket price includes lunch (optional), refreshments and a handbook and networking drinks at the end of the day.
With more than 200 000 users, Twitter is a “niche” social network which gives a snap shot of how the web will be used in the future. It is therefore necessary to include it in the conversation monitoring strategy of a brand. Through the analysis of 50 000 tweets collected on a retail market sector, Nicolas will analyse how to categorise opinions expressed by consumers about the brands and will discuss the use of Twitter as a source for marketing Intelligence.
With the huge number of threads and conversations in social media, how are companies supposed to keep track of what’s important? (Let alone use it as actionable intelligence?) In this presentation Keith focuses on how to ‘clean up’ data and how to make it more relevant at the organizational, departmental and individual level, what to look for in tools to help you accomplish this and how to turn charts and analysis into a social media strategy.
Social media monitoring and listening has evolved dramatically since the middle of the last decade. Simon McDermott, co-founder of Attentio, one Europe’s first social media monitoring companies, will share his experiences of the last 5 years. He will also discuss the future of monitoring, the threats and opportunities that companies may encounter, and the potential future value that can be created or destroyed by the brands that are now buying into this market in increasing numbers.
Having conducted an in-depth review of 8 of the leading social media monitoring tools, and how effective they are at identifying influencers, Charlie Osmond, Strategy Director at social media agency FreshNetworks, will discuss how the different tools identify influencers. He will also explore the importance of influencers in the context of a wider social media strategy.
Social media monitoring tools, from the free to the most expensive, only do so much. Unfortunately, they all require humans to generate insights from the data and to respond to it. Robin will look at the skills required and the time it takes gain real value from social media research and monitoring, whether that’s conversation audits, influencer research or ongoing social media monitoring, as well as what it takes to put a real-time listing and responding programme in place.
In this session Neil and Aleks will explain how Vodafone uses social media to listen to and engage with customers. They will show how the company identifies and communicates with influencers, how its multi-platform strategy maximises engagement, and how this drives brand preference, customer satisfaction, communications, service/product design and employee engagement. They will highlight how Vodafone measures ROI and touch on the criteria used in selecting Integrasco as their social media monitoring/analytics partner.
Many of the tools for monitoring social media have been designed “by Geeks for Geeks”, or for Enterprise clients with a full time marketing team. But small business owners have different objectives and metrics for success. Most importantly, they have very little time in the day to devote to social media marketing. In this session, Mark will share how small businesses can effectively leverage and measure their social media marketing efforts without having to waste a lot of time.
Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse uses an extensive set of surveys, tools and processes to scientifically measure and manage customer experience. In early 2010, their tools revealed that Carphone Warehouse needed to improve customer experience, however, the company struggled to prioritise which experiences to focus on based on the wide range of data from its various tools. They decided to look to social media for help. This case study shows how Carphone Warehouse successfully used social media tracking in conjunction with their existing toolset to contextualise the customer experience and prioritise their responses to major problem areas.
Based on a highly innovative case study involving leading pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Buscofen, Gianandrea will demonstrate how to use social media monitoring to successfully crowd-source product feedback. Now, twelve months on from this project, he will explain how to use the insight gained from this kind of A/B testing to enhance produce development and increase sales.
There is no doubt that social media offers value-add for marketers, but how do they measure it? Social Media Monitoring platforms such as Radian6, Sysomos and Brandwatch offer insights into online mentions, and tools like Compete provide competitive intelligence, but neither show how it translates into revenue or ties in to your marketing channels. In this no-nonsense session Marshal will highlight what you need to do in order to measure your social media activities against your goals.
Drawing on its four years of social media monitoring experience, Synthesio has identified four typical brand personalities, distinguishable by the strength of sentiment they arouse and the volume of buzz and comments they generate on the social web. Catriona will provide an overview of these brand types, and use case studies to show how, by mapping them against common monitoring objectives, it’s easy to identify the fastest route to achieving a return on your investment.