Monitoring Social Media through innovative techniques not available to the average agency

Monitoring your social world

In a world of fragmented media where the challenge of getting your message to your target audience is increasingly difficult, it's crucial that your communication stands out. And, that doesn't mean being bigger, bolder or louder, it means delivering your message in a way that engages with the perfect target audience.

Finding that perfect audience

Sometimes, finding that perfect audience can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But in working with our team of experience planners and buyers, you can be confident that you will acquire high value customers efficiently, successfully, creatively and speedily.

Our team works with you to YOUR plan

Our team works with you to plan and execute cost effective, innovative solutions across postal, email, SMS, telephone, packaged and press insert channels. Whether you need to reach people with an atypical profile or a much more general audience we will pinpoint the right prospects using the right channel mix.
With over 8,000 possible data sources to choose from, we propose a completely neutral, informed and reasoned data solution and seek to evaluate and improve campaign performance, keep you informed of new and emerging opportunities and manage the entire campaign planning process.
Fundamentally, we'll help you see a clearer picture of this increasingly complex media and data landscape.

Are you on a budget? Our prices are highly competitive compared to similar services in the market so you can be sure you are getting a professional service at the best price to you

About us About YOU

Monitoring Social Media is also a leader in conducting qualitative research, both online and in the real world. Our moderators have decades of experience, and our tools are the newest and most effective. IMRS is a leader in innovative market research tools. There is an online conversation beginning worldwide, using weblogs and other means of expression. IMRS can help you listen to this conversation, and teach you how to participate.

Social Content Marketing?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to content management systems (CMS), and deciding what you want from one can be a minefield. Whether you are looking for a simple solution that enables you to take printed manuals online, a system to integrate data captured online with your existing database, or an intelligent and dynamic system to deliver a more rich and personal web experience, we can help. Before we recommend any system, we’ll work with you and your current systems to create a CMS that fits your needs.


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